Congratulations to the words "Amazeballs," "Douchebaggery," "Cray," and "YOLO" for making it straight from the bowels of misspelled YouTube comments, and straight to the Oxford Dictionary. Now that these words have been accepted as proper English, here are some ways they'll probably be used…and all because of Oxford Dick. That's what I'm calling it from now on.

Oxford Dictionary

AP Photo/Caleb Jones



Henrietta will live on in all of our memories, not only as an amazeballs grandmother, but also as a friend.

Thomas Edison's inventions were not only amazeballs, but they also changed the course of history.

I'm sorry to inform you, Mr. Herman, but your health is not amazeballs. In fact, you have cancer.

As the next President of the United States, I hope to live up to your amazeballs expectations.



You're not cray, Mrs. Simon, but you have been diagnosed with extreme bi-polar disorder.

In the 1800s many people with what we now know to be autism were simply categorized as "Cray."

Since the grapes in our wine absorb sea salt, pairing it with a sweeter dish like Bananas Flambe would not be considered cray.

After impulsively slaughtering four of his own men, Charles V1 of France was labeled cray by most of his followers


YOLO, and you should spend it getting a degree in Molecular Biology.

I really enjoyed your poignant essay on the woman who risked her life to save dolphins, mostly because it reminded me that YOLO. 

YOLO, and I want to spend it with you, Delores. Will you marry me?

You need this blood transfusion, Miss Pennywinkle, because YOLO.

YOLO, so try not to use language that makes you sound like someone who stays in bed all day watching court TV and gulping Slurpees.

We'll be back with more sentence examples when they induct that emoji of a steaming pile of poop.

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