We watch hundreds of videos a week, and our poor souls have become jaded from all of the garbage out there on the internet. But today we found redemption. Our spirits were uplifted by Sweet Treats.

We took the liberty of writing out the recipe for you.

Sweet Treats aka Aunt Fee's Sweet Stuff aka Raisin Turnovers aka Something Sweet for the F*cking Kids


One roll of Crescent Rolls (or any kind of cheap *ss donuts or whatever. It don't matter)
A lot of Sugar


Place a pan filled with oil on a stove and heat it up. While it's heating up, mix butter, a lot of sugar, and cinnamon together in an old tupperware container.

Put some flour down on a countertop. Take a crescent roll from the package, place it on the counter, and spread some of the butter-sugar-cinnamon stuff on the roll. Then put some of the raisins in there. IMPORTANT: Make sure the raisins are just on one side. Fold the crescent roll in half, and make sure all of the edges are smashed (so the sh*t don't seep out).

NOTE: If someone has a raisin allergy, you don't have to put raisins in it.

Then, pick up the uncooked sweet treats and place them in the oil. Make sure the oil is hot hot. Cook them until they are brown.

And then eat that sh*t.

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