Imagine it's a sunny Saturday afternoon. You're driving through town on your way to Coco's, Baker's Square, Denny's...ummm...Cracker Barrel. Wherever the "place to be" is in your town. Suddenly, a man riding on the hood of a pick-up truck drives past and calmly asks you to call the police. Do you...

A) Call the police.

B) Ask him how he's not screaming THEN call the police.

C) Keep questioning him about what's happening even though the fact that he's on a hood asking for police help is pretty much all you need to know.

D) Film the whole thing.

If you answered "A", good for you. You're a helper. That's nice. If you answered "B", you're me. If you said "C" or "D" or both you are the woman in this video.

Lesson learned? If you're trapped on the hood of a moving truck and simply asking a woman to call the police isn't enough, butter her up by calling her "baby". If nothing else, you might end up Youtube

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