For today's throwback Thursday we present to you the year 1983 funneled through a Wrangler Jeans commercial.

This commercial reminds us of a simpler time. A time when a man drives a Jeep out into the desert with his dog. A dog that he loves. A dog that he hugs while driving his Jeep. What's that? A large puddle of water in the desert? Let's drive our sweet-ass Jeep through it. What's that? A nice flat patch of ground? Let's take off our shirt and pants and take a nap in a sleeping bag, snuggled up close to our dog. What's that? A rattlesnake? Don't be scared: you're wearing mother-f*cking Wrangler Jeans. That rattlesnake will sh*t its f*cking pants when it sees how manly you are with your awesome dog and sweet-ass Jeep and sexy-ass Wrangler Jeans.

What's that? A cliff?

Let's mother-f*cking rappel down that b*tch.

Why, you ask, should we do all of these things?

Because it's 1983, motherf*cker. And this is a motherf*cking Wrangler Jeans commercial.

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