We can probably all agree that pop stars were more generous with their fans back in the eighties—particularly with the "special news" they wanted to share—and just with you. Their 1-900 numbers gave them a completely sincere way to interact with their fans. For instance, Paula Abdul cared so much about her fans that for only two dollars a minute, she was willing to tell them why she was rocketing toward stardom, and then, of course, the news that she was rocketing toward QVC.


"Call now to find out why I'm famous. What's stopping you? The fact that there's no possible that I could answer over four thousand ringing phones at once? Don't let that silly logic get in the way. I'm sitting here in a bathtub full of gin. Call now."

Most of the messages people left for MC Hammer began with, "This is a message from the Credit Bureau. If this is MIS-ter HAM-mer, please stay on the line."

Now brace yourself, because this one's a little edgier (since it's referred to as a "Rock Line")...

Wait, why did he say "warm, hard facts?" Didn't he mean "cold, hard facts?" And why did he smirk when he said that? Was it meant as sexual innuendo? How could he throw that out there so non-chalantly, when fans were beginning to discern the lyrics to "Cherry Pie."

To this day, you can still call to hear them say, "This number is no longer in service."

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