If you heard a faint vomiting sound pass through the pop-culture zeitgeist, it's because Courtney Stodden recently released the first few episodes of her new web series, Courtney Naturally, where she covers all the meaningful topics you'd expect--like taking selfies and looking at selfies and...that's about it. In her most recent episode, she branches out ever so slightly as she and her Mother go through a batch of Courtney's childhood photos.  Oddly, they don't show any of the darling shots from the time she got married to a scary old acting teacher in her developmental years.



Now that we've acknowledged the pink, fur-trimmed elephant in the room, we've decided to touch on this web series once and never again. And we swear that if we ever report on this, it will only be because of one or more of the following events has ensued:

-She grows bat wings

-She starts saying, "I'm, like, a total nerd!"

-She gets one more surgery that makes her look like Liberace.

-She changes the name of her show to "Look At My Boob Window"

Fare thee well, Courtney. We'll check back in when you're forty and air-dancing on top of a car dealership.

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