I've seen kids fall asleep doing a lot of things. What?! That's not weird! Right?

I've seen kids fall alseep while eating. I've seen them fall alseep while using the toilet. I've even seen them fall alseep while sleeping. Yeah. Double sleeping. However, I can safely say I've never seen a kid fall alseep while driving a tiny tractor...until now.


Sure, it would have been really sad if he would have driven into a refinery or something but he didn't. He just drove around in a circle over and over again. It's perfect. Although you won't hear that from the kid's imaginary friend "Samuel" who was trapped in the cart behind the tractor. To him this was terrifying.

God bless parents who have the presence of mind to shoot moments like this BEFORE helping the child. Your dedication to letting us, the internet community, laugh about your kid and probably turn them into a meme that will haunt them forever is truly inspirational.

PS - Shooting this vertically was an aesthetic choice.

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