Listen, before we get into this post we will preface it by saying that we in no way think we could throw a better first pitch than these people. After years of spending every waking hour writing jokes about reality TV shows our muscles are weak and feeble and we can barely feed ourselves (which is why we hired on-staff highly-trained nurses (college interns) to spoon food (alcohol) into our mouths).

But that doesn't mean we're not going to laugh our flabby degenerating asses off at these videos!

Rapper 50 Cent is tough as nails, but his throwing arm is as weak as… weak nails.

Here's a tip: don't wear high-heels when throwing out a first pitch.

And finally, Baba Booey clearly wants this umpire dead.

‘Cause it's one! Two! Three terrible first pitches at the old Soup… whatever!

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