For years, Ben Affleck has been regarded as one of the luckiest men in the world...a famous actor, writer, director, producer, and regular at his favorite hotel/restaurant/casino...The Hard Rock Cafe. But Ben didn't have the best luck earlier this week when the security at Hard Rock accused him of counting cards, and forever banned him from the blackjack table. What most people don't know is that Ben actually tried to scam Hard Rock establishment in more ways than one. Here just a few of the even more surprising shenanigans that Ben pulled during his stay...

Ben Affleck

Ethan Miller/Getty Images

-Tried to use an expired gift card from Outback Steakhouse, and was rejected. Went on to say that he "always uses it at Chili's."

-Tried to use two Rock Star Rewards cards at once…to scrape guacamole off of his Fiesta Burger and into his backpack.

-Stole an acid washed "Rock Royalty" hat from the gift shop, and, when confronted, acted like he totally forgot it was on his head.

-Wore socks in the pool.

-Said, "Hey look, there's Matt Damon!" and shoved a handful of napkins down his pants.

-Claimed he didn't receive his complimentary guitar-shaped keychain…twice.

-Said he got food poisoning from his Nachopaloozas, and the only way to fix it was with front-row tickets to see that night's cover band, Ron Jovi.

-Insisted that he read fine print that said he could keep his glass from his Hard Rock Hurricane. When management concurred, he went on a weird rant that ended in him forcing his waitress to clarify the difference between the words "souvenir" and "memorabilia."

-Sent them a dry cleaning bill to for the stains he got from shoving bruschetta in his pockets.

-Tried to steal a guitar that was glued to the building.

-Insisted that "Grilled Bangers" was a promo code he could use to win back his entire life savings.

-Tipped a concierge with Taco Bell hot sauce packets.

-Hid Jennifer Garner in his trench coat, and snuck her French fries.

Sources say that while Ben feels deeply ashamed, he's still far more embarrassed by Gigli.

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