Remember Ken Jennings? Yes, the Jeopardy guy. Part of the reason why he was such a phenomenon when he won all that money on the show is that game shows are hard. It may look easy when you're watching it from your couch at home but let's face it, getting on these shows is a challenge to begin with then you have to contend with lights, cameras, and an audience all while trying to get the right answers before your fellow contestants do. It's a real mind-fudge.

That said there comes a point when even the most understanding person has to say, "Dude! How did you not get that?!!" A contestant on a recent College Week episode of Wheel of Fortune not only reached that point, he crossed it, picked it up, threw it into the air and spiked it volleyball style over a net with the words "Worst Answers Ever" written across it. Observe.

Man, guessing "World's fastest car" when the catagory is PERSON is really an "On the spot dicespin."

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