Hey, maybe your March Madness bracket didn't do so well, huh? Neither did ours. So let's just turn our attention back to March Sadness. Here are the results from the round of eight:

Kris Jenner's Talk Show soundly beat Lady Gaga Gets Puked On with just over 65% of the vote
Miley's VMA Performance trounced Shia LaBeouf's Breakdown nearly 73% of the vote
Plastic Surgery Bieber Guy continued his Cinderella story with a sound victory over Farrah Abraham's "Sex Tape" with 63% of the vote
Justin Bieber's Arrest narrowly beat Kimye's Engagement by just over 53% of the vote

Continue below to vote on the Final Four. Here's how the bracket looks right now:

(click to enlarge)


Matchup #1

Kris Jenner's Talk Show: Turns out when you do a talk show and your only guests are your family members, people don't watch. Who knew?
Miley's VMA Performance: The twerk that launched a thousand memes.

Matchup #2

Justin Bieber's Arrest: Canada giveth with Canadian bacon, Canada taketh away with this douche.
Plastic Surgery Bieber Guy: Sigh...

Cast your vote below! NOTE: results might be delayed.

March Sadness 13
Which was worse?
March Sadness 14
Which was worse?
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