Its April Fools' Day, which means right now the internet is flooded with lies. Going online today is like walking into a funhouse that looks just like your real apartment except you discover everything is made of wet paint and glue and your pants get ruined.

In order to successfully avoid pranks today, it's important to remember that "prank" means different things to different people. For example, to many a prank is filling your wife's jacket pockets with raw bacon. Man, I am THE BEST at pranks. Likewise, for many trusted internet sites, pranking means making up stories that, once revealed as false, will elicit feelings of disappointment, anger, and loneliness in readers. What a great holiday right?! However, possibly the most insidious definition of "prank" comes from those who think it means scaring people until they lose their minds and sh*t themselves, ultimately ending up damaged forever. Case in point, these poor bastards in Japan

Solid prank, guys. The part where the realistic demon girl broke though the wall and chased me while I started praying even though I hadn't been to church in 10 years was my favorite part. I have to go to therapy now, you stinkers!

You know who else loves "pranks"? Brazilians.

I thought I was just taking an elevator ride up to my office job that I kind of don't like. Nope! The fact that there was no escape was the best. Also placing a real child actor in a scenario where real scared adults might hit it was pretty great too, you pranksters.

But, our friends in other countries don't have the market cornered on super clever pranks that are more like extremely cruel mental health experiments. Despite the litigious nature of our society, we do it too and as you'd expect ours are the smartest!

Oh, that's NOT a real flame thrower? Thank god. Because for a second I thought a stranger stepped out of the shadows and confronted me at night brandishing something that was spraying real flames. Oh, that is what happened? Ok. Great "prank". Solid.

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