Just as March Madness has seen major upsets from a plucky Dayton team and close calls for the likes of Florida, so has March Sadness had some surprising outcomes. Here are the results from the rest of Round One:

Kris Jenner's Talk Show pulled the upset over Courtney Stodden with 56% of the vote
Lady Gaga Gets Puked On beat Paula Deen's Racism by the narrowest of victories, with only 50.24% of the vote, a margin of only 9 votes
Plastic Surgery Bieber Guy won in a landslide over Julianne Hough's Blackface with 79% of the vote
Farrah Abraham's Sex Tape beat Bachelor Juan Pablo by just over 51% of the vote

With our Round One victors decided, it's time for the Semifinals! Check out the contenders below and vote for who you think should make the Finals:

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Matchup #1

Kim and Kanye's Engagement: What are the odds that this is just a secret physics experiment to see if their combined egos create a black hole?
Justin Bieber's Arrest: Lookin' good, kid. Makin' great choices.

Matchup #2

Shia LaBoeuf's Breakdown: Never trust a guy whose name has that many vowels in a row.
Miley Cyrus' VMA Performance: The Twerk That Launched a Thousand Groans

Matchup #3

Farrah Abraham's "Sex Tape": "Backdoor Teen Mom" isn't even a good title. Shouldn't it have been "Teen MILF" or something?
Bieber Plastic Surgery Guy: Maybe he can complete the illusion by frequently urinating in public.

Matchup #4

Lady Gaga Gets Puked On: Coincidentally, it's the same thing I did when I heard "Applause" for the 900th time.
Kris Jenner's Talk Show: The Little Show That Could (Bring On Much More Famous Family Members)

Cast your vote below! NOTE: results might be delayed.

March Sadness 9
Which was worse?
March Sadness 10
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March Sadness 11
Which was worse?
March Sadness 12
Which was worse?
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