It is truly a tragedy that MTV didn't make Jersey Shore in 1994 when this video was shot. Apparently before the 300+ tanning salons that keep the residents of the Shore orange 4 lyfe moved in. This was a simpler time when the good people of the Jersey Shore were still being thoroughly "Jerseyish" but somehow come of waaaaaaaaaaaay less obnoxious than their modern day protégés…Ok actually they're only slightly less obnoxious.

Our favorite part of this video is a guy with a two foot tall mohawk telling the camera that he wants a "nice girl."

Also, for the record, the girl who says that all women have a "check to cash" and then points to her crotch. She was not referring to "sex" as a check to cash. It's a little known fact that all women carry their check books in their vaginas. You learn something new every day.

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