Jessica Simpson


For some, Weight Watchers might evoke images of a middle-aged woman watching Wheel Of Fortune in ankle socks with those little pastel balls sewn onto the backs-- and yet we've all seen the wonders it has done for Jessica Simpson's career. She's posing with her hip jutted out. She's drinking at nightclubs. In other words, Weight Watchers has basically sky-rocketed her back to stardom...or at least into the enviable position of having the rest of the world watching her weight along with her. And she's not the only one who's benefitted from a little side of Strawberry Mint Fruit Salad. Let's take a minute to look back at what all these other household names accomplished after riding their sweet waves of Weight Watchers glory.


Lynn Redgrave

Matt Carr/Getty Images

Lynn Redgrave died. So, moving on...

Jenny McCarthy

Jenny McCarthy

Cindy Ord/Getty Images for Ringling Bros. And Barnum & Bailey

Love her or hate her, Jenny went on to spread the word about how Pasta Carbonara causes lung disease. It doesn't, but still.


Sarah Ferguson

Ferdaus Shamim/

She thought she'd seen the height of her career after going from the "Duchess of York" to being dubbed the "Duchess of Pork." But that all changed when Sarah sold secrets about the royal family...all for a single bite of a sweet roll.


Charles Barkley

Gregg DeGuire/Getty Images

Charles Barkley's Weight Watchers fame catapulted him straight to a life of swimming without a t-shirt. He now swims in an oversized basketball jersey, and cut-off sweatpants.

There you have it, folks. And that's how the cookie prepared with Stevia (and not the life, I assure you) crumbles.



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