Back in the day it wasn't enough for MTV to air special programming. They also need to have a promotional contest for everything they did. For example, why simply have a movie awards show when you can have a movie awards show AND give away the REAL Batmobile from the first Tim Burton Batman film? That really happened and yes I was devastated I didn't win. You know, when you're pushing 175lbs in 7th grade, sometimes winning the Batmobile seems like just the thing to turn your life around. Then you don't win and you turn to your old buddies pizza and root beer for comfort. Pizza, root beer, and crying. But I digress.

In 1987 the Beastie Boys hosted MTV's spring break and of course there had to be a contest. However, unlike the Batmobile thing that killed my soul with a chainsaw of disappointment, this contest promised a wild trip to spring break, a role in Revenge of the Nerds 2, and based on this promo some terrifyingly aggressive sexual behavior by the Beasties.

Wait, did the Beastie Boys just watch a woman go to the bathroom at the end of that commercial? Yes. Yes they did. Oh those little trouble makers.

I wonder what the "movie star gear" provided by Stridex was. Probably like a solid gold top hat or something. 

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