Remember Julie Tremmel? Sure you do. She's that reporter from NBC 10 in Providence, RI that gifted us all with an amazing report last year about how to survive a bear attack. Yeah. This one.


Bad news. She did a hand stand as the grand finale to her report about America's Got Talent and the station canned her for being "unprofessional." What?! A hand stand is one of the best grand finales a news report or child's gymnastics routine can have. Unprofessional? More like ULTRAprofessional.

Here's the finishing move at the heart of this travesty.

We here at the Soup can't let Julie's firing pass without speaking up. No, it's not because we know her personally. And no, it's not because we were saved by her bear report. In fact, one of our interns used her tips during an attack and the bear murdered the crap out of him. No. We're standing up for Julie Tremmel today for one reason and one reason only: We need this woman's clips.

The thought that we'll never see Julie demonstrate the "Stop, drop, and roll" fire safety technique is unthinkable. The very notion that Julie will never be caught outside in a pre-hurricane wind storm Al Roker style and probably have her windbreaker comically blown over her head then completely off before it returns to frame fifteen seconds later and lands right on her face is unconscionable. And to think that if this termination stands we may never see her second bear attack report entitled "What if the Bear Has a Gun?" is not something we can stand by and allow.

NBC 10 in Providence, we're asking you to open your heart. Free your mind and the rest will follow. Don't be the bear that attacks Julie Tremmel's career of making amazing clips for us to feature on The Soup. You have in your sweaty little Rhode Island hands a gem. A diamond of journalism in the rough. Don't let that go. Please.

Also, if you do bring her back please send her out to report on taking trapeze lessons. Everyone here in the office has agreed that's what we want to see her do next.

If you want to see Julie Tremmel back on NBC 10 there are a number of petitions you can sign online. And if you do, remember to stay quiet. You know, internet bears and what not.

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