Our E!nd-Of-The-Week Garbage Plate is back, and this time with all the fervor of a Sloppy Joe and the visual appeal of a naked mole rat.  As always, we recommend shoveling all 93 grams of fat down at once, so that tomorrow you can really jumpstart your ketosis. That was always the plan. 

garbage plate

Ground beef: Did he use leave-in conditioner? A special type of pomade? E! has the story—or sorry, a photo—of Jared Leto's hair. 

Macaroni: Wait so IS Brandi Glanvilled over her feud with Leann Rimes? Luckily there's an article to remind us that this was a thing.

Baked Beans: Breaking news. Kim Kardashian flaunted her cleavage.

Onions: Paris Hilton did not wear underwear to her birthday party. In other words, even underwear was "too busy" to attend.

Home fries: Adele left her house in an oversized sweater. Why would she ever decide to do that?? E! brazenly suggests she was sleepwalking!

Egg: Katie Holmes took some time for herself, that is until we showed up!

But for real...

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