garbage plate

Last week we did a piece where we took a bunch of articles that barely qualified as news and heaped them onto a single platter, calling it our End-Of-The-Week Garbage Plate. We even took the painstaking measure of the ingredients up on Wikipedia, in hopes of honoring the traditional dish with one hundred percent accuracy. Alas, the good people of Rochester, home to the renowned delicacy, have spoken out, letting us know that some of the ingredients were, in fact, incorrect. Well, at least two men, Eric and Michael, did. So here, with the omission of mustard sauce and sausage, is an all new  installment of our End-Of-The-Week Garbage Plate. (I'm actually happy to leave those ingredients out since it was such slow news week at E!. I mean, only two women wore "shorts so short you can see almost everything.")

Ground beef: Someone wore a crop-top similar to one once worn by Kim Kardashian, but not exactly like it.

Macaroni salad: Taylor Swift got a haircut, but nothing too extreme.

Baked beans: E! Online thinks Google's Valentine's Day logos are so adorable that you should visit their web site instead.

Onions: Bethenny Frankel broke the news about losing her virginity roughly twenty-five years after the fact.

Home fries: According to someone in this building, there are exactly eight reasons to be happy that this dog won a dog show.

Egg: Mariah Carey will receive attention, and this time on Valentine's Day!

I looked up this place in Rochester called Nick Tahou Hots and, supposedly, they serve it with egg. Let me know what you think. And probably let Joey (below) know, too, when he's not licking Dorito shell taco crumbs off his car seat. 

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