A former "star" of TruTV's South Beach Tow is outing the show as scripted and fake. Imagine our surprise. Here we were, astonished at all the thrilling feats Bernice, the show's featured driver, has been through. In fact, we're still not sure we believe these claims. I mean, how do you script a woman falling several stories out of a parking garage, surviving, then getting up to smash a window and tow a car? You just can't make this kind of stuff up.

Or how about that time Bernice was almost arrested by a fake cop, but she managed to break out of the cuffs and assault him?

And then there's that time a man ran out of the shower to stop his car from being towed, wearing only a towel, without a drop of water on him. I mean, people just don't get naked cause it says so in the script, right?

I hope after viewing all of this evidence you've drawn the same conclusion we have: South Beach Tow is 100% authentic and Bernice is a hero. Now if you'll excuse us, watching those clips made us forget math.

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