At least once a day we run across a video that causes us here on the Soup web team to wonder if what we're seeing is genuine or yet another internet hoax where someone creates something horrible on purpose to illicit instant internet fame followed by shame and unintended life shattering consequences. When we come across something like this, it falls to us to vet these videos to determine whether they're authentically bad or authentically artificially bad. This practice has given birth to a new segment here on the site. Are you Serious? Today, we look at the curious case of IceJJFish.

Recently, a music video caught our attention. It starts out like any other super smokin' hot R&B jam. You know, the type you'd want playing in the background during a hot tub party that you just know is going to spiral into an out of control bone-a-thon. The production value looked high, the beat was decent, and the video had a signature hot girl that looks vaguely like Kim Kardashian. It seemed legit. However, as singer/songwriter/star of the video IceJJFish began displaying his unique moves our state of the art computer that detects fraudulent YouTube videos started going cray-zay. Yeah, it was going so crazy that it was going CRAY-ZAY. Just then, he started singing and that's when we said, "Hold on. Are you serious?" Observe.

So, is this serious?

After watching other examples of Mr. Fish's work, we think it's legit. What you're looking at in that video seems to be a very confident young man with a voice like an angel. An angel that sings almost exclusively in falsetto and leaps wildly up and down what appears to be an undiscovered key signature. H sharp maybe?

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