Some of the news here at E! can be pretty hard to digest, so we figured we'd feed it to you all at once in the form of one big Garbage Plate. For those unfamiliar with this starch-laden delicacy hailing from Rochester, New York, its contents include macaroni salad, baked beans, ground beef, sausage, potatoes, onions, and sometimes a healthy squeeze of hot mustard sauce. In other words, here's a heap of artery-clogging news that make you want to volunteer or something.

garbage plate

Ground beef: Anne Hathaway walked past a bondage store. Check out the steamy photo of her heading toward her unrelated destination.

Sausage: Katherine Heigl couldn't find a waterbowl for her dog. The result? Something that might be funny to a lonely person.

Macaroni salad: Kim is annoyed with her hair what does this mean for the rest of us? Nothing??

Baked Beans: Eva Mendes got pulled over for being on her phone. But that's not all... there are rumors about her, too!

Onions: Lauren Conrad said something that made this writer "want to be best friends with her." Oh.

Mustard sauce:  Katy Perry doesn't always wear make-up...and here's a truly unbelievable photo to back up the facts.

Home Fries: George Clooney can't sing. Imagine that!! Seriously, imagine it, because there's no video.

You probably feel pretty awful right now, but don't go sticking that finger down your throat. You can always cleanse your palette with this:

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