Everybody likes music, but who wants to carry around a device to play it? Sure, mp3 players are nice, and they can fit in your pocket, but what about us guys who have lots of stuff in their pockets all the time? I know what you're going to say: cargo shorts, but the 80s have a better solution. Take a look at this commercial for the Music Vest, and pay attention to all the cool-as-ice activities that you can do while wearing the vest. Remember guys: this item is NOT available in stores... for good reason.

I can't help but imagine a guy drinking whiskey from the bottle, in his living room, surrounded by unsold music vests. I really enjoy when they introduce the vest and spooky music from Frankenstein's laboratory plays. Also, just hanging around = break dancing in your driveway. And how about this cool as heck guy with his transistor radio?


Sh*t yeah.

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