During the 1985 NFL season, someone thought it'd be a good idea to get some NFL players together to have them rap and dance about how they're going to win the Super Bowl. It was called The Super Bowl Shuffle, performed by the Chicago Bears. Fortunately for the Bears that rhyming proclamation came true. Unfortunately for everyone else this started a trend of NFL teams cashing in on that rap action (rapction for short). A handful of these hip-hop abominations exist, so we went ahead and collected the best of them (ie. the ones we could find on Youtube that didn't look like they were shot in 1975 on a Bolex).

Up first, my hometown team, the Philadelphia Eagles with their song 'Buddy's Watching You' about our favorite coach Buddy Ryan...who does not appear in this video. So he's watching, but you can't see him, like Santa Claus. The best part is when they accidentally let the kicker rap.

During the craze that was MC Hammer's "Can't Touch This," plenty of people got the bad idea to spoof it, including the Miami Dolphins. Watch for the incredible diss on the division-dominating Buffalo Bills exclamated by "special effects."

Finally we have The Catfish himself, Roger Craig, in something I like to call: "The Day Music Died."

I will note that Joel's favorite team and Super Bowl 48 participating Seattle Seahawks made a song as well, but it's so bad it's not even funny. You can check it out here, but I hope you like weird 80s jazz(?) and bloopers.

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