It's that time of year again! That's right, America's favorite pasttime will go to its prom on Sunday. My assignment for today is to write a Superbowl prediction, and even though I don't know too much about football, I really want to give this my best shot!

Superbowl, Denver Broncos, Seattle Seahawks

Denver Broncos/Seattle Seahawks

In the end, the huddle says it all, and the Seahawks seem very connected. Players 25 and 28 appear as if they've just asked their teammates to each say something nice about the person to their left. The number 25, or 2+5=7, is the number of the Chariot, and can denote sudden bursts of energy, which will definitely serve him when he's trying to cross the finish line.  Also, the touch of green on their leggings adds a healing element, since it's the color of the heart chakra.


Blue and orange sit opposite each other on the color spectrum, and the Broncos huddle in a circle that depicts this. The Broncos are trying to represent all colors in the NFL...not just theirs. One of the players has a smudge of green on his pants. Another is most likely wearing a purple Fit Bit. The Broncos' brand of inclusive oneness could take them straight to the top, or it could be really draining, like deciding on an independent major. It's like a duck saying, "I want to fly and swim and act and direct." You can't do everything.


This number 18 certainly seems to be someone who gets a lot attention, even just by Googling images of the Broncos. In this photo, he's just perfectly executed a T'ai Chi move called "Scoop The Sea." The number 18 is one of inner strength and solitude. 1+8=9, and 9 is the number of the Hermit. His greatest weakness is that because of his good looks, he's never had to reach out to anyone. As a result, he probably lacks proper etiquette and grace. I'm guessing he'll scowl, or maybe shrug, after he chucks the ball, pointy side down, into the ground. The Seahawks might interpret this as ungrateful, and seek revenge. Once I was walking down the hall here at E! and someone said, "Is something wrong?" when all I was thinking about was how a deli employee wiped a table down and didn't change his gloves before making my sandwich.


It's hard to say if it was intentional that the Seahawks hired a coach who looks exactly like an actual sea hawk, or if it was mere coincidence.  The sea hawk, after all, is known for its grace and adaptibility. But here's the rub. The Broncos coach ALSO looks just like a sea hawk.* It could be tough for the players to tell who's who from a distance, and ultimately this could affect which way they run.


Wow, this action shot says a lot. Let's take a look at what's causing all the tension. The ball is in the air, but neither one has chosen to seize it. They got so caught up in their own personal drama that they forgot what to do with the ball--even when it was right in front of their faces. Quite frankly, player 25 is coming off as desperate and needy, and if he brings this energy into the Superbowl, it could really start to annoy the other team. Obviously player 10 has somewhere he needs to be, and we all know it's hard to get anything done when someone's clutching your wrist like you're in a soap opera.


When comparing these teams, you ultimately have to take a look at where they're from. Seattle's known for it's coffee. And Denver has its own signature omelet. So which is more or an egg? If you were to drop an egg into a cup of scalding hot coffee, it would harden. But ultimately, that could give Denver the strength to carry this thing. But Seattle has a revolving restaurant, and I've never even been to one of those. So far, this is really tough to call.


To number 12, is clearly not just a game. He's holding the ball like he's going to do something really serious with it. The Broncos better pray that this doesn't happen at the Superbowl, and if it does, that they are not in the way! I think if he brings this kind of undeniable tiger-like energy, the Seahawks will definitely win. (PS- Obviously, I don't want to make any enemies here, just calling it like I see it.)


*They also both look a lot like Diana Vreeland, former editor of Vogue.

Based on the paragraph above, this might come as a surprise, but I'm putting my money on the Broncos. I only say this because I went home last night and started reading Malcolm Gladwell's "Blink: The Power of Thinking Without Thinking." When I first caught wind of who was playing, I loved the idea of a Seahawk gliding gently across an open green field, but I've also been hurt every time I've fallen in love. This has stopped me from committing to even buying an area rug from FLOR, which is basically carpet sold in separate tiles so that if you spill you can just replace a section.

PS- I'm thinking of trying that french onion sour cream that people eat with Ruffles on Superbowl Sunday on top of a Denver omelet, maybe? I don't know, something to try.  

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