Ah, weddings. The beautiful tradition of two people coming together and being forced to duck and weave around their drunk uncle's indoor fireworks display on their way to holy matrimony.

Unlike the Jewish tradition of stomping on a glass, this couple decided to simply drink half of the liquor they were poured, and then hurl the glasses over their shoulders, at no one in particular. And, according to tradition, whoever the lucky person is to get cut by a shard of glass will be the next one to get married or die of infection!

But of course, no wedding is complete without the grand finale: shooting Roman Candles at the people in attendance! It's kind of like how at most weddings they do the chicken dance, but dangerous and illegal!

In any case, we wish these two the best of luck, and having survived their own wedding, we're sure they will make it through a long, loving marriage (assuming their drunk uncle doesn't murder them with fireworks).

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