Intimacy is built on trust...and trust is built only on engaging in extreme sports on national television.  On this week's episode of The Bachelor, Chelsie summed up this undeniable truth on her bungee jumping date with Juan Pablo, when she so impressively stated, "If we can jump off a bridge together, we can get through anything."


The Bachelor can't help but cause contestants to think about the big picture, and the long term effects of their one-on-one time with Juan Pablo. Chelise's not the only contest who will blow you away with a poignant insight.  Here are some equally exciting epipanies you'll be hearing from contestants as the season progresses:

"If we can skydive together, we can probably have sex." -Clare

"If we can go fly fishing together, I can finally prove to my doctor that I do not, in fact have Munchausen by proxy syndrome." -Cassandra

"If we can repel down the side of a waterfall together, we can probably discuss where in Wisconsin Chris Harrison would pay me to go in the event that I--sorry, I mean my friend--got accidentally pregnant." -Kelly

"If we can go on a helicopter ride, it means that the show has paid for us to go on a helicopter ride." -Sharleen

"If we can go windsurfing together, I will demand that my pay-pigs stop buying me things off my Amazon wishlist." -Cassandra

"If we can ride in an amphibian car together, it means we can one day eliminate feminism altogether." -Lauren

 "If we can survive a ride on a ferris wheel, it means I can sit quietly with the news that I have been sent to this earth to create one world government to support my sole purpose of obtaining ultimate control over all TV, radio, and the press." -Danielle

"If we can sky dive together, it means we can increase our chances of appearing on Bachelor Pad." -Renee

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