That's right, Nicki Minaj has her own line of fragrances and we had no idea until today. While we're dismayed that such a product even exists, we're also disappointed we only just discovered it because we could have been making fun of this months ago.

It's called "Minajesty" and if you think that name is ridiculous, you should see the bottle it comes in.

Nicki Minaj, Minajesty Perfume

But wait, that's not all. If you think the "robot from Spaceballs with a pink wig on" bottle is something, you should see the commercial. Think 80's music video meets a T-Mobile ad but not as classy.

Ah, yes. What every girl dreams of. Tearing apart her clothes and probably getting seriously injured chasing a scared horse through a forest only to unlock her own Queendom (ie. a miniature golf course castle) using a pop-star endorsed perfume that probably smells like Patron, Hollywood at 3am on a Saturday, and wig glue.

Minajesty: It smells. Just like Nicki Minaj.

UPDATE: I've heard from a number of people regarding this article and although I will not retract it, in the interest of giving semi-equal time to both sides, Twitter user and uber-Nicki Minaj fan @TonyMinaj_69 has come to the defense of Minajesty reporting that it smells, "Sultry and sexy! Not like wig glue." Thank you, Tony. Point taken. 

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