Dennis Rodman is back in North Korea to hang out with his bestie Kim Jong Un and this time he brought friends. A whole group of former NBA players who plan on playing a basketball game in honor of Un's 31st birthday. Lucky! I wish I could be a horrible and dangerous dictator on MY birthday. Humph.

The Worm is billing this trip as "Sports Diplomacy" and absolutely NOT "A Self Serving Trip to Hang Out with a Dude Who Just Killed His Own Uncle but I'm Still Totally Feeling Being His Buddy Because Hanging Out With a World Leader No Matter How Abhorred Makes Me Feel Important and Relevant Diplomacy". Makes sense. I mean that's just too long.

One thing Dennis and Pals won't be doing while in North Korea is checking on or otherwise assisting fellow American citizen Kenneth Bae who has been held in North Korea on unspecified charges for over a year. I mean, c'mon. He has birthday stuff to take care of. They don't have time to inquire on the health of a fellow countryman. THERE'S A KARAOKE PARTY TO GO TO!

While Rodman managed to get permission to shoot an interview with CNN from North Korea he forgot to have his people send the network a memo informing them that if they ask about Kenneth Bae Dennis will lose his mind and all general coherence. Well, I assume that ball was dropped because that is exactly what happened. Observe.

Congratulations to Dennis Rodman. Not only for having a totally awesome friend in Kim Jong Un but also for making every interview The Ultimate Warrior ever did sound like a TED Talk.

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