How'd you kick off 2014? If you're Madonna you started things off by using your weird creep arms to raise a cell phone camera and snap a picture of your 13-year-old son and two friends posing with a bunch of liquor bottles. Then, you posted it to Instagram where people with time to kill looking at Madonna's Instagram feed looked at it while stroking their chins and saying, "Hmmmmm,' As if viewing a piece of art. This is what they saw.

Rocc0, Madonna


These discerning consumers of pop culture then either lost their minds because Madonna is a terrible mom or lost their minds because people were losing their minds about Madonna being a terrible mom.

For her part, old Veiny Claws has responded that the whole thing was a joke. Yes, and a great one if you ask us. Next time she should put cigarettes in their mouths too. Oh oh oh, AND dress one in drag. People always think that's hilarious.

Honestly, what people should really be upset about is that is looks like Madonna's son might be in a 1980's LA street gang and is friends with a kid who draws beards on his face with eye liner pencils. Still, people freely voiced their insightful, well thought out feelings in the comments section of the picture and some of them really made us think.

For instance, schoelink who wants everyone to take one particular part of this picture very seriously.


You're right, schoelink. And neither is booze.

Then there was johnrobertsfun who raised a larger concern.



boing_boom_stchak got really personal.


I'm going to allow myself to believe that's a particular type of gin. Love gin!

 janierock shared a treasured family memory.


See! Told you, you should have also thrown in cigarettes, Madge.

jstarstar said what we were all thinking.


Actually, nope. No one else was thinking that.

And finally, __shaebaybee__ letting us know about that old school media is still alive and well.


The news radio AND the news paper people.

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