If you remember the show GUTS you remember that it was a game show full of grueling, dangerous, physical challenges...for kids. Basically Double Dare but you got the sense that contestants could die at any moment.

Watching at home you got the sense that although the challenges were, well, challenging it wasn't anything an average kid couldn't handle. That's probably the same thing J.R. aka Baby D was thinking the day he arrived for his chance at GUTS fame. A day in which he would show us all the true meaning of GUTS...failure.

Ok. You know what? That's not on him. Who knew there would be kayaking? I mean, yes that probably wasn't that hard. Not sure why he kept slamming him face into the water but still, that's not on him. Could have happened to anyone. I guarantee, on the next challenge he'll be gold.

Oh dear sweet, Baby D. What went wrong out there?

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