So many great movies came out in 2013, I figured we could take a look back at some of our favorites before the year draws to a close. Because really, there's no better time to set aside our grudges, resentments, and early childhood traumas to celebrate an undeniably terrific of filmmaking!  



This unique, comedic drama directed by David O. Russell centers around con-artists who trap politicians with the help of bribed policemen. It takes on major themes like corruption, and loyalty, and is sure to remind audiences everywhere of the time they found out that the only reason their boyfriend was able open a sports bar called Busty's was because he had been involved in an elaborate Ponzi scheme. Really, an unforgettable film!


In this tour-de-force, monsters enter through a wormhole in the ocean, inspiring humans to create robots known as "Jaegers" to fight them. Each Jaeger requires two pilots in order to function, and the closer the bond between those two people, the greater its power. All fans of Pacific Rim will never forget how this triggered their issues with co-dependency, including the time their partner yelled, "Stop trying to fix me!" in front of everyone at Jiffy Lube.



Gravity. Probably the best movie of the year. The dialogue between Sandra Bullock and George Clooney makes every single audience member wish someone would respond to their short-form poetry on Tinder. This breathtaking film not only conveys the reality of being in outerspace, but also makes you feel like you're spinning out of control and into a major depressive episode that can only be reversed by binge-watching The Secret. 


Complete with stoner humor and male bonding, This Is The End was a memorable romp.  This star-studded cast really kept audiences guessing who would show up next. Would it be Mindy Kaling? Rihanna? Their father with whom they've had no contact for twenty-five years yet who recently sent them an invitation on LinkedIn? Everyone who saw this film asked themselves those exact questions. 


Elsa must keep her winter-inducing powers a secret--so she exiles herself to an ice palace in a fjord far away. Her sister Anna sets out to find her...only to meet her own chilling fate. Audiences everywhere will remember the time their sister said it was unlikely that they'd ever find a husband, let alone leave their job as a cashier at Pac-Sun.


When Lenny Feder brings his family back to his hometown in Connecticut, chaos ensues. But despite all the marriage problems and fighting with frat boys, the neighborhood gang ends up together in the end, happily eating pancakes. Every single viewer who watches this will scoff at the ending, and think, "Really?? The last time I went home my sister stole my car and sold it for drugs."

Happy New Year, everyone. Let's all stick together, especially through what I'm sure will be emotionally challenging year, mostly due to the upcoming release of X-Men: Days Of Future Past. 

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