You may not see them so much anymore, but ice capades used to be all the rage... Well, I guess they weren't really all that popular, but networks did produce them, and people did watch them because there weren't 700 channels like there are today. So why not hang out for an hour and watch Urkel skate? During these television specials you'd get to see actors skate, a couple costumed skaters, and plenty of product placement right before the holidays. This particular clip is special because it's another level of, well, the 80s.

You'll get to see:
-Jason Bateman trying to act
-Mr. Belvedere as King Koopa
-Ice skating Italians

"Oh no it's a computer virus!" Sir, you need to be on a computer to receive a computer virus. And oh dear god... Luigi is a murderer! Koopa and his friends weren't even doing anything bad! He just shot them in the face! I am disgusted...

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