Congratulations to anyone out there who's been trying to improve themselves through health and exercise. Someone is finally going to give you the recognition you've been wanting for so long. That person is Gwyneth Paltrow...because she's wonderful. Gwyneth has teamed up with celebrity trainer, Tracy Anderson, for an all new reality series called The Restart Project. You see, Gwyneth cares enough about people to walk through their backyards with them—IF, and only if, they have transformed  their formerly tragic lives through fitness. Gwyneth gives her guests much-deserved slow nods of compassion, and asks if they've tried her recipe for Young Chicory Salad With Roasted Figs.

We're just as excited about this show as you are...and luckily, you even don't have to wait for it to load on your computer. We happen to have an episode guide right here.


Seventy year-old Mildred has walked five miles a day since her cancer went into remission. Gwyneth reveals details about Iron Man 4.


A tragic house fire left Jill in critical condition, but she still had the courage to climb Mount Everest.  Gwyneth tilts her head and says, "That's incredible."


Margaret describes how Pilates has helped her get into her wheelchair without any assistance. Gwyneth describes the hardships that come with having a square-shaped jaw.



Sheila shares her story about racing in the Tour de France after surviving a massive brain injury. Gwyneth sells her a sweater.


Bonnie says that thanks to her modern dance class, she can finally squeeze into her Chevy Equinox. Gwyneth says, "No matter what I do, I just can't gain weight."

Episodes 6-10 get really interesting when she runs out of heartfelt reactions, and starts saying things like, "Wow, I seriously just goop'd my pants."

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