Welcome to The Soup's Top 13 of 2013, where we count down the top Soup posts of the year. Because the end of the year isn't about dumb stuff like family and goodwill. It's about making lists of things.

The Top 13 posts were determined by popularity in page views among you, our readers. So don't blame us.

#4: Kid Pro Quo

It probably won't surprise you to learn that Kim & Kanye are going full out when it comes to giving baby Kimye the nursery he/she/it deserves. E!'s Chief Correspondent for Unborn Celebrity Children has it on good authority that the high-profile couple are purchasing the VETRO crib, designed by Daniel Fong and costing a mere $3,995.


Kimye Crib

Very chic. Very minimalist. Looks to be nigh inescapable as well. A little on the expensive side but money is no object when attempting to impress a barely sentient being whose chief interests are mammaries and excretion.

It's stylish and all but there's also something a little unsettling about it. It's sort of hard to picture the life an infant might lead in such a fashionable prison cube...

Kimye Crib Silenced

Oh. Yeah, that seems about right. A couple of stuffed lambs to play with and little Kimye Jr. will be well and truly set.

The camera crews are going to have a hell of a time shooting around those reflective surfaces, though. Maybe that's the—no that couldn't be the point.


Editor's Note: Remember when people were interested in Kim and Kanye's baby? Yeah. Also, looking back, we're realizing that Kanye's chief interests might also be mammaries and excretion.

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