Celebrities have been coming out of the woodwork to help victims of Typhoon Haiyan. In fact, the response has been almost overwhelming. But there are three stars in particular that seem to know exactly what's needed.

Victoria Beckham

Victoria was generous enough to send boxes and boxes of clothing. She knows that all the double-zero ladies who survived the typhoon will appreciate the gowns she's worn to various galas. Now they won't be scratching their heads over what to wear major events like inventory of what little remains. And whoever's lucky enough to receive a pair of Victoria's four inch-heels is really going to build their calve muscles as they glamorously traipse through the ruins.


Justin Bieber

You probably feel relieved just looking at this J.B. original of an enlightened, spray painted monkey. Now Justin's using his artwork as a way to heal the rest of the world. That's right. Justin's selling the spray cans he uses for grafitti, and donating the profits to victims of the typhoon. He's been so selfless as to only save three spray cans for himself to make whippets. Normally, spray cans aren't worth that much, but by now we know that everything Justin touches turns to gold...including the matching hoop earring-and-necklace sets of primates. 

Justin Bieber, Instagram, Graffiti


 Kim Kardashian

Once again, Kim Kardashian has risen above the rest with a truly philanthropic effort.  In order to benefit those who survived the typhoon in the Philippines, Kim is currently holding a charity auction on eBay. And to top it off, she's donating a whopping ten percent of her earnings to the actual cause. I know what you're thinking: Kim did not have to do this. Her net worth is only 40 million dollars, and she's already made such major contributions to the world--like the smoky eye and probably something else.

Kim's not just a saint. She's also our teacher. Her publicist told her how important it is to appear generous and she didn't sit there thinking, "How can I help?" She went one step further. She took a tragedy and saw it as an opportunity to get rid of all the bedazzled, backless Kardashian Kollection tank tops that just aren't selling at Sears.

Here's a pie chart displaying just how the proceeds are being dispersed:


"Giving is 90% perspiration, and I didn't even factor that in." -Kim

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