Did you know that anything can happen on Halloween? It's true! There could be a toad in the bass guitar, and your sister could turn into a bat! At least according to Tim Curry they could, like in Disney's 1986 film The Worst Witch where he spookily sings some masterfully written lyrics like the ones you just read. Seriously, folks: it's magical. Have a listen:

Now let's review:

"Gremlins gonna mess up every cassette from London to Idaho"

Hmm... is this really a problem anymore? Why did the gremlins choose Halloween for their dasturdly plan and what do they have against analog media?

"Anything can happen on Halloween, your toenails grow long and your hair turns green."

News to me. I'm actually a little disturbed.

"Your teacher could become a sardine."

Okay, not that spooky, but whatever.

"Has anybody seen my tambourine?"

It's in your hand, Tim Curry...it's in your hand.

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