Here at E!, we're the first to catch wind of unexpected celebrity sightings. But never in our wildest dreams did we think we'd find out about a certain celebrity selling leather recliners off the Woodman exit in Van Nuys. What's that, you say, Michael's Furniture? He's not the real Larry David? But he's perfected the old "tripping over an ottoman with a box of doughnuts" gag...and that's not a skill one can learn on their own, unless they're absolutely desperate for attention.

(NOTE: The camera and boom mike aren't for sale...they're just there for the undeniable charm.) 

"That's not Larry David, and we're not all bending to the whims of Michael's midlife crisis here toooooo!"

This spectacular commercial has awakened in us the desire to watch equally spectacular commercials. Can you please share your favorites in the comments section below? If you do that, then we can watch them (altogether now) tooooooo.


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