Sorry, but your chance to win tickets to a Katy Perry concert by having your entire school lip sync to Roar has passed you by. We offer you our condolensces, along with these festive links.


Tim Gunn, what's on your mind these days?  We wish you would just let us in.

Kim's butt needed some investigating, and luckily we got to the the bottom of it.

Finally, someone made use of their opposable thumbs.

Charlie Hunnam bailed on the role of Christian Grey—but don't worry, there are plenty of other options.

Hey, remember when Halloween costumes had disproportionately large heads?

Don't get on Taylor Swift's bad side. Especially if you're a giant ribbon or an ex.

Yo, it's charter school....Ft. Pitbull.

When it comes to being a charming drunk, this guy delivers. It's an unfortunate pun. You'll see.


People have always loved Game Of Thrones for its low brow teen comedy.

Mike Meyers seems to say the same thing a lot...especially when he's just had a baby.

Dolly Parton's working 9 to 5 on making her loyal fans wish they'd never seen this.

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