It's October and you know what that means. Girls are already out in the streets drunk dressed like "Sexy Cabbage Patch Kids" and in a week Christmas decorations will be hitting stores. It also means Halloween is almost upon us. As such, today we turn the harsh hindsight of Throwback Thursday on something Halloweeny. Namely, the Real Ghostbusters. Looking back on some of the commercials for this cartoon/toy line we're suddenly realizing how much weird sh*t was in them. For example, keep your ears peeled in this clip to hear what happens when not everything from a movie franchise can be licensed for the toy line.

Of course! Who could forget that scene in Ghostbusters after Venkman's encounter with Slimer when he utters that now iconic phrase...


Throughout its run, the Real Ghostbusters toy line released a ton of figures that were, shall we say, questionable. However, the biggest question raised in the next clip has to be why would we call the Ghostbusters when they're so clearly terrified by EVERYTHING.

No self-respecting GB fankid collection was complete without some real ghostbusting gear. Of course, the Real Ghostbusters toy line was more than ready to oblige with some ghostbusting items of dubious legitimacy.

Hey kid, your water zapper looks like a...oh nevermind. Have fun!

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