Before you watch the video below I want you to do something. If you're in an office, go somewhere private. If you're already alone, great. Now, I want you to attempt a freestyle rap. It can be about anything. Go ahead. Give it a shot.

(This is where I pause and wait for you to come back)

So, how'd it go? Chances are that at the very least you pulled off a passable albeit terrible couple of lines. Most people can do it when they're all by themselves. Why? No stakes. No one to judge you. No one to listen. Easy.

But imagine you're being interviewed on your local TV station. It's your first time on television and you're probably nervous. Now imagine the interview will culminate in a live televised freestyle rap and worst of all, it was all your idea. That's exactly what happened to spoken word poet Marshall Pope during his recent appearance on Talk of Alabama. Unbeknownst to Marshall his freestyle was about to become a failstyle and take him from Talk of Alabama to talk of the internet.

Look on the bright side. At least the moment he turns to the reporter and says, "This is live?" has been named the most devastating moments in Talk of Alabama history.

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