"Gross for one, gross for all." –Alexander Dumas, on the subject of Madballs

And Dumas was right. Ever since the tragic downfall of Madballs, we've longed for a way to celebrate our most unsavory bodily functions. Sure, Madballs look like if they came alive, they'd gladly murder you—but since their disappearance, too much gleeking has gone unrecognized. Sadly, not even Grown Ups 2 can compensate for this crushing loss.

Ah, what would we give for one final whack of their dangly eyeballed faces against the great garage door of time? Obviously not much, since they're available for twenty dollars a pop on eBay.

See? Not only did they capture how truly rotten we are to the core...but they also provided that voiceover actor with the role of a lifetime.

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