If I asked you to pay $4.95 to watch the first episode of, oh I don't know let's say Homeland, you'd probably pass on the deal. There are any number of places you could probably watch that for free. However, back in the day you couldn't just jump on Hulu, Youtube, iTunes, or a seedy bit torrent to watch old episodes of your favorite TV shows whenever you wanted. Oh no. Back then you actually had to own them. ON VHS. Yeah, I know. Cavemen were so weird.

As strange as the idea of owning TV shows on video tape seems to us, it happened you guys. Case in point, this AMAZING deal on Star Trek the Next Generation. It's a deal so out of this world, the extras portraying real Star Trek convention goers can barely contain themselves.

Even though I'm not going to call and order the tapes, at least the commercial managed to address my biggest concern.


It's actually two hours and thank god! If I get duped into paying almost five bucks for a tape full of previews again I'm going to go nuts.

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