First they Blurred Lines. Then they Blurred Cosby. Now, someone has Blurred Sanford.

Youtube user David A. Scott Jr. (Not to be confused with his father David A. Scott Sr. who BTW is super proud of his son for finally doing something with his life and thinking of this) has given us yet another example that intros for sitcoms featuring African-American protagonists seem to go with Robin Thicke's fading with the setting summer sun hit Blurred Lines like puzzle pieces that fit together but don't actually form a picture.

This time however, it's a mash up of Thicke's jam (Heh heh. I said "Thicke's jam") with the iconic opening theme to Sanford and Son and I have to tell you, it makes me sort of feel like we as humans can accomplish anything...but will ultimately do things like this instead.

So, who's going to blur Webster?

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