Whoa whoa whoa, hold on there. Before you head out to a weekend full of regrettable moments why not take a second to stroll with us through the week that was here on the interweb. Welcome to Leftover Soup.


In the words of Ursula the Sea Witch, "It won't cost much...just a ticket and a $450 iPad."

Nine out of ten velociraptors suggest you read more about Jurassic World.

We took a closer look at Alec Baldwin as Alec Baldwin took a closer look at things.

Don't bring Fifty Shades Of Grey anywhere near Barnaby Books, even if it means you have to handcuff yourself to the bedpost.

The new iPhone lacks some crucial features, like where's the dick pic-enhancing app? 


Who's ready for The Lewd Misadventures of Pippi Longstocking? (We strongly advise against scrolling through the comments section on this one.)

Beardo and Dreads...what can they say? Apparently, not much.

We got a brief glimpse of what may have been a murder mystery breakfast.


We're sorry you couldn't make it to Gwyneth's English garden party. The sprigs of mint must have missed you. 

Take a moment to congratulate the blobfish on its recent, and much deserved victory.

Pranks are fun, especially when they face unsuspecting strangers with their own mortality. How did this guy not get shot

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