Welcome to The Soup's Top 13 of 2013, where we count down the top Soup posts of the year. Because the end of the year isn't about dumb stuff like family and goodwill. It's about making lists of things.

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#11: Julie Chen and Other Celebrity Before and After Surgery Photos

Julie Chen

The Talk

Julie Chen revealed today that she had extensive plastic surgery for her career at the advice of her agent. While this does come as a shocking development, we'd like to remind you that this isn't the first time a celebrity went to the extreme measure of cosmetic surgery all in the name of success. Take a look at these before and after photos, fair warning: the truth may disturb you.

Bruce Jenner wasn't always the stunning former athelete he is today:


Miley Cyrus had been doing the tongue thing for quite some time:


Kris Jenner doesn't look that different:


This next one is actually breaking news: Kanye plans on receiving surgery himself. Here's what he's going to look like:


Something everyone can love!

Editor's Note: Some of you may have clicked on this post expecting actual before and after photos, and for this we apologize. Obviously these are fake. Except for the Kanye one...he just got his first nacho cheese dust injection last week.

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