Alec Baldwin, Hilaria Baldwin, Carmen

Michael Dewayne/WireImage

Alec Baldwin has been in the news for a lot of things lately. Remember that time he attacked a paparazzo? Or that other time when he attacked a paparazzo?

But the biggest story in our book is this photo of him… despondently staring at a baby.

We want, no... we NEED to see him staring at other things. Or quite frankly, doing whatever you want him to do. Below is a sample photoshop we made, as well as a cropped version of Alec that you can do with what you will.

Here's the cutout for you to use...

Soup - photoshop

And here's a sample...

Soup - photoshop sample

When you're done, upload your original photoshop to Imgur or another hosting site and post a link to your pic here or on our Facebook wall. Aaaaaaaaand go.

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