Before you begin your weekend by discerning animal sounds in the Norweigan wilderness, why not take a Soup-centric moment to reflect on the lushest links of the week.

First, we were paid a visit by these highly entertaining Rorschach tests:


We also met some Robin Thicke dancers who enjoy donning the occasional sweater.

This year, American Idol brought the people what they didn't even know they wanted.

We had several face-to-faces with Benny Winfield, Jr...and we expect at least three a day from now on.

According to our calculations, Justin Bieber will excrete his next album.

Dancing With The Stars? You must mean dancing with a plan.

Don't you hate it when your heart is warmed by an adorably dressed primate?


There was a butterfly in the sky...and it also happened to star in Kazaam.

A romantic night was had by this young woman, alone and twerking by candlelight.

Just maintain eye contact and you'll be totally set for this interview.

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