It's hard to believe that the very first Harry Potter book hit bookshelves fifteen years ago, and it's even harder to believe that people take the time to write fan fiction about it. There are over 650,000 Harry Potter fanfic stories on fanfiction.net. Woof!

To celebrate this HP anniversary, we went through some of the worst best fan-written stories and compiled these intriguing little snippets. Please don't be inspired to write your own.


'Are you Hermione Granger?' He asked in his monotone voice.
I backed up, my eyes wide and hand reaching for my wand, 'W-who are you?'
'My name is Spock and I would like to request your presence aboard the starship USS Enterprise in star date 2258.42.'

–From the Star Trek crossover To Touch The Stars.


"TONY STARK HAS SEEN THE SNITCH! Hufflepuff seeker Janet seems to be struggling to keep up!" Loki stood up straight, squinting as the two got smaller and smaller.

–This is from a 70 chapter story called THE HARRY POTTER OLYMPICS. Seriously, 70 chapters. The person speaking in this excerpt is Hawkeye... of the Avengers...


Miley Cyrus, Harry Potters girlfriend was sitting in the Gryffindor common room doing her defence homework (On inferi) when her boyfriend ran in, he ran over to her and started screaming "MILES GUESS WHAT, WERE HAVING A KAREOKE NIGHT!"

–From the Hannah Montana crossover Karaoke Night.


Harry and the three other raptors soon said their good-byes

–Harry Potter talks to raptors in the Jurassic Park crossover Hope for Something More.


"But no one in my family is a wizard, how is that possible?" Gohan questioned Dumbledore.

–From the Dragon Ball Z crossover Gohan the Half-Saiyan Wizard.


One day, Buckbeak the hippogriff decided to go to Star Wars since nothing was happening after Voldemort got killed. He flew through a portal and all of a sudden, he was on Naboo. He spotted two Jedi in the distance. Instantly, he recognized them as Obi-Wan and Anakin! He flew up to the the two Jedi.

–From the Star Wars crossover Buckbeak Meets Obi-Wan.


"Hi, I'm Tom Riddle, but my friends all call me 'My Lord' or 'Dark King'. Who are you?"
Tom held out his hand, and the Pirate-Man didn't shake it.
"I'm Cap'ain Jack Sparrow"

–From the Pirates of the Carribean crossover The Mark of a Pirate.


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