Every individual is a unique snowflake of a human being, each with his or her own thoughts, ambitions, and outlook on life. And yet every time something major happens in the news everyone turns into the exact same person: An angry incoherent drunk that REALLY wants you to know their opinion on Batman.

Which brings us to the big news of the day: Ben Affleck is the new Batman.

Here are some of the reactions from twitter, in all of their identical glory.

Many people reached deep into their brains to pull out the most sophisticated word they could think of to describe the casting decision: "bullsh*t."

Affleck Batman - Bullshit

A lot of people apparently assume that Ben Affleck can only speak in a Boston accent.

Affleck Batman - Boston

The Spanish audience has some opinions (that we didn't take the time to translate) on Affleck's role in Daredevil.

Affleck Batman - Spanish

And our favorite reactions of all: The people who wanted everyone to shut up and move on with their lives.

Affleck Batman - Shutup

We just hope Ben's managers locked him in a closet so he couldn't check the internet all day.

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